My name is Chef Riley; I am a Master Chef and have been cooking for over 20 years. I am originally from South Carolina; however, Krazie Wings was birth in a small town in South Georgia about 8 years ago. My very first Krazie flavor was the Pineapple Explosion wing sauce. Since then I have moved Krazie Wings to Atlanta with a desire to expand the company.


Mission Statement  

Our mission is to bring new, innovate and never seen products and services to the market. Our Krazie Sauces will give people the opportunity to cater their own parties with a professional touch. Our Krazie Sauces will also give other restaurant chains the ability to provide their customer with Krazie Wings Gourmet Sauces. Our goal is to always provide our customer with the best quality and experience!



Krazie Wing's vision is to create employment, management and ownership opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs and business professionals. We will provide educational programs for those interested in culinary to ensure their success in owning or operating their own Krazie Wings catering truck or restaurant will be a success.


What Makes Krazie Wings Unique

Our Krazie Sauces have been a culture shock to the public. Typically when you think of wing sauces the basic ideas come to mind such as honey barbecue, hot, mild or lemon pepper. Well here at Krazie Wings, we have flavors that you have never even considered being a sauce. We currently have Jittery Joe’s Coffee of Athens, GA, Terrapin Beer Company of Athens, GA, and Grayson Coffee House of Grayson, GA onboard and loving our gourmet sauces that we have created using their products. We are also being supported by Williams-Sonoma. We have hosted wing tastings with the Krazie Wings Sauces at several Williams-Sonoma locations in Georgia. The taste of our Krazie Sauces is quickly becoming a big hit in the Atlanta Metro Area and we are currently working on our online store so we can ship our Krazie Sauces worldwide.



Phases of Krazie Wings


Food Truck

Now that the public loves our sauces, we want to add our delicious wings to the equation. The Krazie Wings Food Trucks will be able to service large crowds quickly. The plan for our food truck is to sell wings, chicken sandwiches, and fries. The food trucks will also carry our Krazie Sauces to sell. The food truck will give aspiring entrepreneurs the ability to become an owner-operator. We will put them through an extremely detailed training program so they will be able to provide high-quality service to our customers. These owner-operators will only be allowed to purchase their supplies directly from our Krazie Wings Warehouse. Our food trucks will be giving a target area of focus. This way Krazie Wings will be able to cover the entire city, state, and continue to grow and spread throughout the U.S. Once our food trucks are mobilized to a point of profitability that we are satisfied with, we will begin working on Phase 3 of our business growth plan.




We want to bring the full Krazie Wings experience under one roof. At this point, Krazie Wings is already a household name. Now we will be able to provide our customers with our full-service Krazie Menu, with everything from Seafood, Steaks, Vegetarian dishes and more. Our restaurants will be upscale with a full-service bar and flat screen TV’s all throughout. We want to include ordering tablets at every table to increase customer service. Like our food trucks, we will be providing franchising opportunities with our restaurants as well. There will be an extremely intense training program to be able to franchise a Krazie Wing Restaurant because we expect pure excellence in service and quality with every dish and drink served.  


Krazie Wings in a Box

This program will operate in the similar manner of the other franchising restaurants. Krazie Wings franchising program will have 3 tiers.


1st tier: franchising the food trucks

2nd tier: stand-alone restaurant

3rd tier: all inclusive packages with both the food truck and stand-alone restaurant.


This will give people the opportunity to become business owners within Krazie Wings with a variety of investment opportunities.




Krazie Wings Sauces will be the first in-store product that will be released. The sauces will be bottled for the everyday person to put the sauce on whatever they choose.

Krazie Wings Party Packs will be the product for the freezer section in the stores. The Krazie Wings Party Pack will include cooked chicken wings and the Krazie Wings Sauce.

Other products that we are working on are burgers, seasonings, marinades, rubs and much more…


Ultimate Goal

We would like a warehouse where sauces can be made, sold and also a restaurant inside for feeding our guests and allowing them to get a full Krazie Wings Experience.